Five Signs You Need Auto AC Service in Port Charlotte, FL

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Before you know it, summer will be here, and you need to make sure your car’s air conditioner is ready to handle the heat. Auto AC service in Port Charlotte, FL can make sure your air conditioner is operating correctly so you can remain cool and comfortable no matter where you are heading. Watch for these signs in your vehicle’s AC system that indicate that service is required:

  • No airflow: An obvious sign that your air conditioner is in need of auto AC service in Port Charlotte, FL is when you have zero airflow coming from your vents. This could be symptomatic of low Freon or obstructions in your air vents. Warm air may be coming out, or there may be no air at all. An auto shop will be able to diagnose the cause and get your vehicle’s air conditioning system up and working again.
  • Strange noises: Any time you hear unusual noises when you turn on your air conditioner, it is a sign that something is not quite right. You could have debris in your system, or there could be a part that is wearing and is about to fail. Don’t just turn the radio up and drown out the noise—head to your nearest auto mechanic for service.
  • Odors: Mold can become trapped in the vents of your air conditioning system, leaving you to breathe in a foul smell that is unhealthy for you. If you notice a strange odor coming from your air conditioner, be sure to get auto AC service in Port Charlotte, FL to investigate what the problem is. Leaving this to fester can be hazardous, as every time you operate your AC system, you are ingesting mold spores, which can affect your breathing.
  • Leaks: If your AC system is experiencing a leak, you may see that it has lower pressure than Leaks themselves can be hard to spot, but an experienced auto mechanic will be able to identify where the source of the leak is coming from. This means that you need auto AC service in Port Charlotte, FL, to get your vehicle’s air conditioning system operational again.
  • Interior water: Water inside your vehicle is never a good sign. You should always see water under your car when you run your AC, but never inside. If you notice that water is pooling under the dash or on the floor mats, you may have a clogged drain that is leaking water into your car. An auto mechanic can clear this drain and make sure water doesn’t continue to stain or damage your car’s interior.

With professional auto AC service in Port Charlotte, FL, you can ensure your air conditioning system is ready to keep you cool all summer long. Keep an eye out for these signs that your AC is acting up, and don’t ignore your vehicle when it’s trying to tell you something is wrong. Contact Ice Cold Auto Repair to have your air conditioning system serviced before summer hits. We are experts in auto AC repair and can easily diagnose your car’s cooling problems.

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