Your Auto Repair Shop in Port Charlotte, FL Recommends Starting Summer with a New Battery

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Summer can be just as difficult on your battery as cold winters up north. Every auto repair shop in Port Charlotte, FL, including ours, encounters these issues as people drive more for warm weather road trips and run the air conditioner consistently. That can take a toll on your car’s electrical system, including your battery. Consider replacing your battery soon if you see any of these six signs:

  • Uncertain lifespan: Batteries offer a lifespan of three to six years, and sometimes, especially in warmer climates, they may surpass that. If you purchased your car four years ago and have never replaced the battery, that day may be coming up soon. Waiting until the day your battery fails is not the best strategy, since that is often a waste of time and a stressful experience. Replace it now before summer activity begins and it will be one less issue to worry about as you enjoy vacations and road trips.
  • Warning lights: Modern makes and models include warning lights for batteries. Seeing that light indicates a worn-out battery or charging system shortcoming. On some cars, this is indicated with the “check engine” light. Once you see this indication, come in for an electrical system analysis so we can pinpoint the issue. A bad charging system drains your battery enough to render it useless, so you may have to replace an alternator at the same time you buy a new battery.
  • Slow starts: If you feel like you are gambling every time you start your car, it may be time for a new battery. As batteries age, cars become more reluctant to start. First it will crank sluggishly and then, when it does die, your interior lights quit working, too. Your auto mechanic may find other issues with the starter or alternator. Replacing your old battery as soon as possible reduces stress on these components so they wear out less quickly.
  • Battery leaks: If you find a battery leak, act on that immediately. That is a dangerous situation that should only be handled by a skilled mechanic. Once the leaks start, there is no other alternative but to purchase a new battery.
  • Low battery fluid: You may experience low battery fluid if your battery struggles to remain charged. The battery will use up the fluid more quickly if it cannot hold a charge. When you notice fluid disappearing, test the battery so you can replace it before you are stranded.
  • Frequent jumpstarts: Aging batteries require more time to charge. A quick errand that only involves five to 20 minutes of driving may not allow enough time for a battery to charge, while a longer drive results in a battery that starts without hesitation. If your shorter errands end with the need for a jumpstart, test your battery and electrical system soon.

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