Signs It’s Time to Get Your Brakes Checked

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If you’ve ever had to slam on your brakes to avoid hitting another vehicle or a pedestrian, you have a firsthand appreciation for how critical good brakes are. And, to make sure they’re fully responsive each and every time you tap on them, it takes keen observance of proper brake maintenance.

Maintaining your brakes isn’t hard and takes almost no effort on the part of you, the vehicle owner. All you need to do is pay close attention to their performance and get them serviced by a mechanic when the time comes. But how do you know when they need to be serviced or replaced? Take a look at a few simple signs that it’s time for brake service in Port Charlotte, FL:

  • Squealing brakes are a clear sign that you’re due for new pads. This noise is actually built into the design of brake pads, as a way of alerting vehicle owners that replacements are needed. The squeal signals that metal-on-metal friction is close to occurring, which is bad news for your various braking system components and your stopping power.
  • If you press the brake pedal and your vehicle doesn’t stop as quickly as it should for the level of pressure you’re putting on the pedal, consult with a mechanic. Your brake lines may need to be bled, or you may need a general system tune-up. In some cases it can also signal that the wrong style of pads has been installed.
  • Similarly, if your brake pedal is slow to decompress after you push down on it, your brake lines need to be flushed and the fluid changed. This often means there’s an air bubble in the line somewhere, causing instability in the lines during fluid exchange.
  • Is your ABS engaging at seemingly random times? This can be indicative of a number of problems that require brake service in Port Charlotte, FL. Describe the problem to a professional and have them run diagnostics on your car to figure out what’s causing ABS to engage when it shouldn’t be.
  • Are your brakes stuck? This can happen on older models and cause tremendous amounts of friction that are bad for the entire wheel. Sticking brakes are often the result of a mechanical failure and need to be resolved by a mechanic.
  • Do your brakes rumble when you step on the pedal? This is an end-of-life sign of brake pads. It’s time to get them replaced.

Signs of brake failure or wear aren’t something to put off or ignore—doing so could cost you your life in the wrong situation. Pay heed to the above symptoms and get brake service from a trusted, trained mechanic if you notice any of these situations present in your vehicle.

No matter how old your vehicle is, what make or model or what kind of driver you are, your brakes should be a constant beacon of excellence. Remember to have them inspected and serviced routinely, and don’t be afraid to seek out professional assistance if something doesn’t sound or feel right.

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