Six Common Issues Discovered Through Auto Diagnostic Repair in Port Charlotte, FL

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The advancement of auto electronics and features makes auto diagnostic repair in Port Charlotte, FL critical. It is nearly impossible to diagnose and repair car issues without the use of specialized equipment that examines these systems. While this adds to the complexity of auto repair, it also removes the guesswork that used to be a staple of this industry. When you invest in a full computerized analysis of your car, you receive a thorough assessment and certain solutions. Here are six issues discovered by this service:

  • Reasons for “check engine” light: The “check engine” light strikes fear in the hearts of many car owners, and with good reason—it indicates a range of problems from a loose gas cap to emission problems. When the computer activates a “check engine” light, it also provides a code that can only be read by our equipment. That code indicates the problem so we can address it quickly.
  • Shortcomings with safety features: Air bags, anti-lock brakes and new driver assist features all depend on computerized data. These systems sense impacts, prevent tire lock and contain perimeter alerts that keep drivers and passengers safe. Unfortunately, the only way you can discover shortcomings with safety equipment is if they fail on you at a critical time. Running a computerized analysis can pick up issues so your mechanic can restore these systems to full working order. Since many of these features can make the difference between walking away from an accident and taking an ambulance ride, it is worth the effort.
  • Calibrate instrument panels: Speedometers, battery indicators and the RPM dial are computerized as well. If you own a higher-end vehicle, you may have more on your instrument panel, which also attach to a central system. While these indicators are more accurate than ever, they can wear out and computer systems may require calibration at times. The only way to fix a computer in this instance is with another computer. That is where our diagnostics come in.
  • Address engine timing: Changing spark plugs and wires remains part of routine maintenance. Even when you keep up with this essential service, emission issues and misfiring can affect your engine’s efficiency. Some of these problems are subtle and barely noticeable as you drive, unless it affects your fuel economy. Many times, you will never know there is an issue without advanced diagnostics.
  • Misaligned wheels: The signs of wheel misalignment are often noticeable, but knowing the details helps correct that problem. Computerized wheel alignment systems allow mechanics to find misalignment issues quicker so the stress on your tires and suspension becomes less.
  • Transmission issues: One of the more expensive and disruptive issues with cars is a failed transmission. Thankfully, in newer models, computer diagnostics can discover transmission problems before they leave your vehicle dead on the road. Catching the issue early may allow you to make a repair rather than lose money and time on transmission replacement—or even a new car.

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