A Fresh Oil Change Is a Great Way to Start the New Year

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After the holiday travel season, your car is probably in need of some special attention. Cars require regular upkeep and maintenance to continue operating successfully. Performing regular oil changes on your car is one of the most essential ways that you can keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly. Working with a highly qualified provider of oil changes in Port Charlotte, FL is one surefire way to ensure that your car is kept in tip-top shape.

Automotive oil lubricates and removes heat from your car’s engine and internal components. After oil has been used in a car for a long period of time, it begins to burn and become saturated with debris. Spent oil does not effectively remove heat from your car’s engine, and driving without changing your oil may cause serious, long-term damage to your vehicle’s engine.

Here are just a couple of reasons that you should consider starting off your year with an oil change:

  • Best performance: After an oil change, your car will operate much more smoothly than it did prior to the change. The increased lubrication caused by fresh oil will help you to achieve a smoother and quieter ride. Oil changes in Port Charlotte, FL, will help you make the most of your car’s lifespan!
  • Better engine life: There’s no better way to extend the lifespan of your engine than by obtaining regular oil changes in Port Charlotte, FL! Investing in routine maintenance services will help you to keep your car running at its best. Corroded oil is one of the most common causes of engine breakdowns.
  • Cleaner engine: Spent oil accumulates dust and debris, which corrodes and breaks down parts of your engine. When you change your oil and your car’s oil filter, however, you will be filtering out these small damaging particles. When you invest in higher quality oil, it will be more effective at filtering out debris.
  • Increased eco-friendliness: The emissions your vehicle puts out will be substantially cleaner if you regularly change your car’s oil. Old oil can burn up in your engine, resulting in toxic and noxious emissions from your engine. Your engine will burn much more cleanly if you change your car’s oil.
  • Improved gas mileage: When the components in your engine are moving more effectively, your engine will burn gas more effectively. You can reduce your fuel expenses and increase your car’s fuel efficiency by investing in regular, high-quality oil changes in Port Charlotte, FL.

Ice Cold Auto Repair is a superior provider of oil changes in Port Charlotte, FL. You can count on us to provide your vehicle with the services it needs to continue operating safely and successfully! We are among the region’s most trusted providers of automotive services and repairs. Our technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), meaning that we are capable of providing some of the most high-quality repair services available. During your oil change, you should take advantage of our free air conditioning check service! Call us today to learn more!

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