How Colder Weather Affects Your Brakes

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Brakes are one of the most essential components of your vehicle. Ensuring that your brakes are in prime working condition will allow you to maximize your car’s effectiveness, and help you achieve peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is operating as safely as possible. In the wintertime, colder weather can cause brakes to degrade prematurely, and brake responses can be substantially altered due to slippery conditions. Investing in high-quality brake repair in Port Charlotte, FL is a surefire way to make sure that your car is running at its prime, throughout the entirety of the year.

While cold weather doesn’t affect your car’s ability to brake directly, it can exacerbate other factors that may impede your ability to stop correctly. Understanding the different ways that cold weather and icy conditions can affect your ability to stop your car can help you determine when you should begin seeking out brake repair in Port Charlotte, FL.

Visiting a specialist for brake repair in Port Charlotte, FL, is the best way to ensure that you’re driving a safe vehicle during the wintertime. Here are just a few ways that driving in cold weather can affect your car’s brakes, and impede your ability to stop on command:

  • Snow and frozen water: When you are driving your vehicle in sub-zero temperatures, water can become trapped in your brake pads and rotors. After you stop your vehicle, this water may freeze. If there is frozen water in your brakes, it may cause loud screeching sounds when you first begin operating your vehicle. The ice should melt shortly, however, returning your car to an operational state.
  • Corrosion: Water from snow, ice and rain can easily accumulate on your vehicle during the wintertime. Coupled with road salt, this can cause a serious amount of corrosion to form on your brake pads or brake rotors. Frequently driving in winter conditions may mean that you need to seek out brake repair in Port Charlotte, FL, more frequently than you may typically plan for.
  • Slippery conditions: The most common hazard associated with driving in the wintertime is slippery conditions. There are a number of ways that winter conditions affect your ability to stop your vehicle, and shoddy brakes may result in dangerous outcomes. Because ice, snow and freezing rain can cause you to lose control of your vehicle, you should always ensure that you have the best possible brakes installed.

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