Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Is Repaired and Ready for Summer

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Wear and tear on your car is a natural occurrence. Usually it’s something obvious, like worn or flat tires, loose brakes or a loss of engine power. One problem that can go overlooked, though, is an issue with the air conditioner. During the winter months, you’re not using your air conditioner and may not realize you have a problem until after the temperature skyrockets. Finding out it doesn’t work during a heat wave can be annoying and even dangerous. Fortunately, getting air conditioning repair in Port Charlotte, FL is simple when you work with experienced technicians, like ours at Ice Cold Auto Repair.

Diagnosing the problem

Finding the problem is the first step in getting it fixed. Before the summer heat hits, you should take your car out for a drive and test the air conditioner. Set the air conditioner to max and let it go for a while. If it’s not blowing cold air, you have a problem. A couple of quick things you can do are checking the cooling fans on the condenser or radiator to make sure they’re running, and looking around for anything that could keep air from getting to the condenser, like leaves, bugs or dirt.

Air conditioning repair

The most common issue is leaking hoses or attachments. A quick check by experienced mechanics can find and fix the leaks to get your air conditioning repaired. A refrigerant leak doesn’t leave any puddles of liquid under your car like an oil leak can. Our ASE master-certified technicians know what to look for and how to fix any leaks. We also check your compressor to make sure it’s not worn out, and for any problems with the electrical system. While providing air conditioning repair in Port Charlotte, FL, we’ll also check your fan belt. It’s important to your air conditioning and other critical car parts, like the alternator and power steering pump.

Keeping your air conditioner working

There are some simple steps you can take to extend your air conditioner’s life. One of the easiest is to remember to turn off the air conditioner before turning off your car. This will also extend the life of your battery. Use your air conditioner on a semi-regular basis. If you don’t use it except for during extreme heat waves, take 10 minutes to turn it on to max and let it run. It’ll help keep the refrigerant circulating and clear out any mildew or buildup. You can also do this during a cold spell, when you haven’t run the AC in a while, just to keep things functioning. Regular auto maintenance can also help. Your radiator should be flushed every two years or so.

Running ice cold in the summer heat

Ice Cold Auto Repair prides itself on honesty and integrity. If you need to get air conditioning repair in Port Charlotte, FL, stop by our shop. Our certified technicians utilize the latest computerized diagnostic equipment to pinpoint your car’s problem. We even offer free AC checks to our customers so they get the service they need. Give us a call or drop by so you don’t have to sweat your way through the summer!

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