Six Signs Your Car Might Be Ready for a Tune Up in Port Charlotte, FL

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Vehicle owners have a lot of responsibility, including scheduling regular maintenance when something feels “off.” Even the smallest change in your vehicle’s performance can indicate a more serious problem. Here are six telltale signs that your vehicle may need a tune up in Port Charlotte, FL:

  • Check engine light comes on: While there are several different lights that can illuminate on your dashboard, the light that’s most dreaded by drivers is the check engine light. It’s distressing, to say the least. If this light becomes illuminated, it’s on for a reason—your car’s diagnostic system is alerting you to a present maintenance issue, and you cannot ignore it. When the check engine light comes on, take your vehicle to a mechanic for service as soon as possible.
  • Brake problems: Your brake system is an extremely important part of your vehicle. For this reason, any problem with your brakes is a safety concern to you, your passengers and other motorists around you. But the brakes can display problems in more than one way—the brake pedal may feel soft or spongy, or you might notice a disconcerting noise when you brake, like scraping or whining. Since these are symptoms of a failing brake system, any problems need to be checked out right away by a professional.
  • Vehicle stalling: If you press your foot on the gas pedal to accelerate but your vehicle just seems to straggle in place for a short moment before finally moving, it is likely that you experienced a stall. Brief vehicle stalls can be hard to pin down as a real need for a tune up, especially if you drive a manual transmission vehicle. However, this kind of stall could be a warning sign that your car needs maintenance or repairs. Don’t ignore it. Stalling in general can be dangerous, so let an automotive professional take a look.
  • Shifting is rough: Let’s say you have an automatic transmission system. In this case, the system should have the ability to handle the gear-shifting process with ease. But should you notice a sudden change in the way it shifts, or if your vehicle is lurching during shifting, that might mean there’s a transmission issue.
  • Vibrations: Your vehicle should start up, brake and steer with relative ease. If any one of these actions causes wobbling, shaking or vibrating in your seat or steering wheel, take it in to an auto shop soon. There could be any number of issues going on.
  • Fuel economy: You know your vehicle and are able to notice changes in its performance quite easily. In the case of gasoline, if you have a regular driving routine, then you know when you need to fill up and how much. Pay attention to how often you have to visit the gas station. Did you suddenly start needing to gas up more often? Diminished fuel economy is a good enough reason to have your car looked at.

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