Start the Summer Right by Making Sure Your AC Is Working Properly!

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Summer is the best time of year for all sorts of outdoor recreational activities. Whether you’re driving to the coast or heading into the great outdoors for a hike, you will likely spend quite a bit of time driving to and from different locations. Even though you might be primarily focused on what you’re going to do once you arrive at your destination, you should take some time to consider whether your vehicle is operating well enough to get you from point A to point B safely and comfortably. If your AC isn’t working well, you might have a pretty miserable time driving during the summer. Make sure that you get auto AC repair in Port Charlotte, FL as part of your pre-summer vehicle maintenance. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Warm air: Nobody wants to feel a rush of warm air circulate through their car when they turn on their air conditioner. Unfortunately, this may be happening because your condenser is being obstructed with debris, your fan isn’t operating or your Freon needs to be recharged.
  • Leaks: If you see leaks or water accumulation inside your cabin, there’s probably a problem with your AC system connections, or the hoses carrying refrigerant through your system are cracked. Though you may be able to contain these leaks to some extent, it’s best to take your vehicle in to get professional auto AC repair in Port Charlotte, FL as soon as you can.
  • Ice accumulation: Spotting ice accumulation on your condenser coils can indicate an issue with your refrigerant. If you have a leak in your refrigerant lines, your system will not have enough refrigerant to promote proper AC function, which will cause condensers to freeze.
  • No air circulation: The most obvious sign of a problem with your AC is that no cool air is coming out of your vents. This may be caused by an obstruction in your system or a complete failure of your air conditioner. Regardless of the specific cause, it’s important to get your system looked at by a professional.
  • Odd noises: Does your air conditioning system make a grinding sound when you turn it on? It’s very likely that your compressor is on the verge of failing. As your compressor wears down, this grinding noise may become louder and your compressor will eventually fail. If the compressor is to blame, it’s likely it will need to be replaced to remedy the issue.

Make sure that you are comfortable during all of your summer driving with auto AC repair in Port Charlotte, FL from Ice Cold Auto Repair. We are a premier provider of comprehensive auto repair and maintenance services. We are dedicated to delivering service with a high degree of quality and integrity every time. Since 1998, we have built a reputation for reliable service that keeps vehicles of all different makes and models operating safely, efficiently and effectively. We have a team of ASE Master Technicians who are trained to address a number of different concerns with a high level of expertise. Schedule your appointment for summer maintenance by giving us a call today.

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