How Regular Vehicle Maintenance Saves You Money in the Long Run

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You likely spend money on your car every day. Fuel, car washes, windshield wiper fluid and other items are all part of car maintenance. If you add a tune up to that list as well, it will save you money in the long run as you drive around town. Here are five reasons why a tune up in Port Charlotte, FL is a cost-effective decision when it comes to auto maintenance:

  • Prevent repairs: When you keep your car running well, it is less likely to face a catastrophic failure. Belts cause disasters when they break—not only are you caught on the side of the road, but you face a dead engine, too. With some makes and models, a busted timing belt means replacing your entire engine. When comparing the cost of maintenance with the cost of a catastrophic repair, it becomes apparent that one will break your budget much worse than the other. Keep up with maintenance and prevent the emergency scenario.
  • Extend your vehicle’s lifespan: New cars cost money to purchase. This is especially true if a vehicle breaks down unexpectedly and you must finance the new vehicle. Besides down payments and purchase price, you are also looking at interest, higher insurance premiums and other costs. When you keep your older cars running like new longer, that money is saved on car payments and insurance. You will replace a vehicle because you want to, and when you have the money, not because you are in a desperate situation and need transportation to work right now.
  • Find problems before they are serious: If you have deteriorating seals and other issues that lead to expensive repairs, a tune up finds and corrects these problems. The same is true with fluid issues—would you rather pay for a transmission flush, or a whole new transmission? A tune up is also an inspection to see what else needs attention on your car.
  • Better gas mileage: When your car runs well, it is less likely to become a gas guzzler. Skipping oil changes and failing to keep up on maintenance leaves you with a dirty engine that has to work harder to get you from point A to point B. That leaves it burning more fuel to run. You will notice that as you fill up, and the costs will add up over time. Enjoy better fuel efficiency, spend less time at the gas station and travel better with a tune up.
  • Prevent road trip repairs: Before you take that one last summer road trip, arrange for a tune up. If you end up with an emergency when you travel, you will likely pay more to an out-of-state mechanic to prioritize the work and get you back on the road sooner. Also, if you do not have roadside assistance, that means a towing cost that comes out of pocket. That turns a carefree road trip into an expensive nightmare.

Take care of your car and arrange for a tune up in Port Charlotte, FL at Ice Cold Auto Repair. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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