No Cold Air? Come in for an Auto AC Check in Port Charlotte, FL

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There are few things worse than dysfunctional air conditioning in Florida. The same is true for your car, so if you are driving around in a sauna on four wheels, visit Ice Cold Auto Repair for an auto AC check in Port Charlotte, FL today. Here are four issues that may be wrong with your auto AC if you cannot convince it to blow cold air:

  • Compressor failure: Also called “black death,” this is the worst issue that may arise with your auto AC. It occurs when the refrigerant breaks down and your cooling system is no longer lubricated. Eventually, this corrodes your coolant lines, and your entire system starts to fail. Your system will run warm air, and later, it will not run at all. You will find yourself driving home from work or errands in a steamed-up car that offers nothing but discomfort. This occurs if you avoided an AC recharge. The only solution is to replace your compressor, and as you can imagine, that is not a cheap repair. If you bring your car in for early diagnosis on your air conditioning for any reason, do it to prevent black death.
  • Clogs: Your coolant lines can clog from debris or broken-down coolant. This is another issue that arises when you do not maintain your auto AC. The first sign will be warm air from your AC or diminished cooling capacity (it is cool, but not quite cool enough). Not only is this miserable, but it can lead to more serious AC problems if it is not addressed soon. We will clean the lines and recharge the coolant, so you can enjoy the cooling power of your auto AC once again.
  • Leaks: Refrigerant and air leaks reduce cooling power. AC compressors only run well when on a closed system without leaks, as that creates pressure. When leaks develop, it opens your system and the reduced pressure compromises cooling. This is hard on your compressor, as well as on your need to stay cool on hot days. Regular AC maintenance prevents these issues, and fixing leaks restores your cooling power. It also places less strain on your compressor, so that becomes one less possible catastrophic failure you’ll have to deal with.
  • Contamination: Another cause of clogs and leaks is mold and mildew. Besides affecting temperature control, it is also dangerous for asthma and allergy sufferers. You will also encounter a stinky or stale odor in your car, which will not make you the most popular driver in your carpool. Eventually, mold and mildew reduce cooling power and can fail your compressor. Treat the mold and mildew like any other contaminants and get rid of it before it makes a passenger or your car sick!

Ice Cold Auto Repair is here for you if you require an auto AC check in Port Charlotte, FL. There is no need to swelter this August—call us today to set up an appointment to inspect and repair your vehicle’s air conditioning.

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