Why Are My Brakes Squeaking?

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Squeaking car brakes can be annoying, embarrassing and troublesome to the driver. And while some squeaky issues are easy to diagnose, others are not. For your safety and peace of mind, schedule a car service and have brake problems taken care of right away.

What could be the cause of your squeaky brakes? Let’s ask an expert brake service in Port Charlotte, FL!

Worn brake pads

Worn-out brake pads are the most common reason brakes squeak. That often high-pitched squeaking is a very annoying sound, but it does serve a purpose. When you hear squeaking, it could mean a metal wear indicator is exposed on the brake pads, which makes sense since an exposed wear indicator most always produces a squeaking sound to alert you to repair or replace your brake pads. You can’t visually check your brake pads on your own, so pay attention to unusual sounds.

Loose parts

Your vehicle’s braking system is made up of many components. It has a disc or drum brake, rotors, hoses and calipers, all of which can loosen over time or due to rough driving conditions or an accident. When these pieces become loose, they can vibrate and get squeaky. In many cases, a part only needs to be cleaned, lubricated or adjusted. Schedule a brake inspection to find out whether a loose part is why you have squeaky brakes.

Lack of lubrication

Lubricant is added in several places during the brake installation process, including on the brake pad backing plate, siding surfaces (like the caliper bolts) and the brake caliper piston. A lack of lubricant or the lubricant wearing off can cause brakes to squeak. To figure out if lubrication is the problem, an auto professional will need to remove the wheel and brake caliper. If you are able to inspect your own brakes and see dust and a lack of lubrication, and you are experiencing squeaking, have your mechanic check it out.

Defective rotor surface

Brand new rotors are shiny and smooth. However, over time this perfect looking surface gets worn down by the brake pads, as it’s repeatedly heated and cooled when the brakes are in use. The noise problem could be caused by rocks, debris or pieces of the brake pad that have gotten lodged in the brake rotors.

Road or weather conditions

Another possible cause for your squeaky brakes is weather or road conditions. This includes snow, rain and humidity, and is usually due to condensation, dirt, dust, grit or sand collecting on the brake rotors. If weather or a road condition is the problem, the noise should not last long after the brake pads have warmed up. To prevent squeaking and squealing, park your vehicle in a garage or enclosed parking structure at night.

Don’t ignore squeaky brakes, or you risk making a small problem worse! Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring your car lasts a long time, free of problems and running smoothly. Call Ice Cold Auto Repair to schedule a routine brake service in Port Charlotte, FL today!

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