Reasons Why Your Car Is Shaking

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A shaky vehicle is not an uncommon problem, but it does warrant a trip to the mechanic. The shaking can present slowly over time, or it can happen very suddenly. Either way, it’s hard to ignore and may be happening for a variety of reasons, such as problems with the brakes, engine or steering, or issues with the wheels or tires. Once the cause of the shaking is determined and fixed, it’s back to smooth driving, hopefully. So, why is your car shaking? Let’s ask the experts at an established auto repair shop in Port Charlotte, FL!

Engine problems

Uncontrollable shaking and shuddering within a running engine compartment is often caused by a lack of fuel or air. The engine works hard to power your vehicle down the road to get you to your destination. A lot of strain and stress is put on the engine as it operates, which is why it needs the right amount of lubrication and air running through it. You should check the spark plugs and wires on a regular basis to be sure they are fastened tight to avoid shuddering and shaking while the car is in motion. A pre-trip check before a long road trip can give you some much-appreciated peace of mind.

Tire misalignment

A car that vibrates like crazy at higher speeds might be running on tires that are out of balance. When these vibrations happen, most of the shaking will come from the steering wheel. The thing responsible for this problem is likely a loose wheel bearing or bolt, which can make driving dangerous. If your steering wheel starts to shake at the 55 mph mark, take your car to an auto repair shop in Port Charlotte, FL or pull over and have your car towed to a local shop.

Brake issues

A car that is shaking and smells of burning rubber might have a problem with its brakes. Shaking and burning could be due to a broken or warped brake caliper. With this type of problem, everyone in the car will notice that the shaking intensifies the faster you go, and will smell burning rubber when you engage the brake pedal. Brake problems need immediate attention.

Wheel damage

Wheel damage is the most common reason why drivers experience shaking and vibrating inside the cabin of their vehicles. The damage could have come from hitting a curb, flying over a speed bump, speeding over a pothole or any other number of things you might encounter every day. Damage that is severe enough may be visible, like a bent wheel. A bent wheel will make handling the vehicle a difficult task, which can lead to accelerated wear on your tires and cause traffic accidents.

For safety’s sake, don’t wait long to find out why your car is shaking. Driving a shaky vehicle puts you, your passengers and other motorists in danger every time you hit the road. Work with an auto repair shop in Port Charlotte, FL that you can trust, like Ice Cold Auto Repair. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to get more information about our services!

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