Engine Noises You Should Have Looked at Immediately

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Have you been hearing strange noises coming from your engine? Unusual noises are almost never a good sign—at the very least it’s something you’re going to want to have a professional mechanic check out. There’s a chance it’s nothing, or maybe even just something that requires a minor fix, but there’s also always the possibility that it’s an issue that’s going to necessitate some significant auto repair in Port Charlotte, FL.

Here are a few examples of some noises you might hear coming from your vehicle, whether you’re actively driving or sitting in traffic:

Knocks and dings

If you start to hear a knocking or dinging noise while you’re behind the wheel, this could very well be a problem associated with your vehicle’s ignition. The cause behind this sound is typically fuel igniting inside the cylinder. You might be dealing with a bad fuel filter that needs to be changed, damaged spark plugs, a bad distributor cap or a bad fuel injector. While some of these items might be capable of being replaced without expert assistance, it’s still advisable to seek the help of an experienced auto technician to make sure the issue is properly diagnosed so you know exactly what steps to take to correct the problem.

Clicking and ticking

The reciprocating parts of your vehicle, including tire rods and pistons, might occasionally make some ticking or clicking noises while you’re moving, which can quickly become extremely annoying. Carefully listen to the noises when you notice them, and you might be able to figure out exactly what the cause is. Some of the most common causes of these ticking noises include bad pushrods, low oil levels, worn struts and worn fuel injectors. You’ll usually be able to resolve the issue by replacing your engine oil, but you might have to swap out a part to get the ticking to stop.

Acceleration noises

If you have noises that only occur during acceleration and at no other times while operating the vehicle, there’s almost definitely a problem with friction somewhere in your vehicle. You should have this issue checked out immediately, as the problem could be a bent piston, bad alternator bearings or issues with water pumps or steering fluid.


Popping sounds can occur for a wide variety of reasons, so you really have to follow a process of elimination before you’ll be able to figure out exactly what the problem is with your vehicle. You can try some DIY options first, but a tune-up from a mechanic will almost definitely uncover the cause of the issue. Common causes of popping noises include dirty air filters, worn out spark plugs or spark wires, some malfunctions with wiring or ignition or dirty fuel filters.

These are just a few of the most common causes of engine noises you may experience in your vehicle. For more information about the best way to proceed when you hear such a noise, contact Ice Cold Auto Repair to schedule an appointment for auto repair in Port Charlotte, FL.

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