The Best Preventative Maintenance Tips to Get You Through the Winter

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Florida might not see the same types of harsh winters you’d find to the north and in the Midwest, but the weather still gets cooler here in some locations, and if you intend to do any winter driving through other parts of the country, it becomes especially important to stay on top of your preventative maintenance.

So what types of preventative maintenance are most important for ensuring the health of your vehicle throughout the colder periods of the year? Here’s some information from an auto repair shop in Port Charlotte, FL:

  • Cleaning: You should keep both the engine and the body of your vehicle as clean as possible throughout the winter. Over time, engine filters can become blocked with dirt and dust, and leaves and other debris can get under the hood. Grease can also cover the engine, resulting in heat getting trapped and making it harder for the engine to cool down. Meanwhile, dirt and grime on the body of your vehicle can eat away at the car’s finish, as can road salt, which is highly prevalent in areas that see lots of snow and ice. Keep both the engine and the body of the vehicle as clean as possible to keep it in good condition all year long.
  • Lubrication: It’s crucial to have proper lubrication in your engine, considering how many moving parts it has. The crankshaft, cylinder walls and piston rings should all be appropriately lubricated to prevent significant damage to your vehicle resulting from friction. You should also check the seals in specific parts of the engine to ensure everything is fitting in properly.
  • Oil changes: This sort of goes along with lubrication, but it’s worth giving its own special attention. An oil change is such a simple and relatively inexpensive procedure, but many people procrastinate with their oil changes and end up doing some very preventable damage to their vehicles and engines as a result. The longer you put off your oil change when you need it, the worse the performance of the vehicle will become, and eventually you run the risk of damaging the engine. Many of today’s vehicles actually have maintenance settings that will alert you when your oil life is getting low, so it’s become easier than ever to determine when you need to change your oil.
  • Spark plug service: You’re going to want to keep dust and muck out of the combustion chamber, and one of the best ways of doing this is getting your spark plugs cleaned on a regular basis. The mechanic will remove the plug lead to clear the space around it, then remove the plug and clean it with a special cleaning agent and brush. While this might seem like a very small, detail-oriented job, it can make a big difference in the performance of your vehicle.

For more information about the best preventative maintenance steps to keep your vehicle running in the winter, contact Ice Cold Auto Repair or visit our auto repair shop in Port Charlotte, FL today.

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