Six Signs Your Shock Absorber Needs a Tune-Up in Port Charlotte, FL

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If your brakes squeal, you probably need new brake pads. If your tire blows out, you need a new one. What about your shock absorbers? How can you know when it’s time to replace those? Should they be a part of regular tune-ups in Port Charlotte, FL?

To determine if your shock absorber is failing, watch for the following signs. If you notice any of these red flags, contact your local auto repair experts to make the necessary tune-ups so your ride remains smooth.

Shake, Rattle and Roll

The shock absorber is supposed to absorb the shock, right? If you are feeling bumps and shakes as you drive, the shock absorber is not doing its job. You’ll start to feel each bump and imperfection in the road’s surface in the steering wheel and in your seat. You and your passengers will no longer be able to enjoy a smooth ride.

Nose Dive

If the shock absorber is wearing out, braking will cause more extreme movement of the car than usual. When you stop, the weight of the car will shift forward more than usual, causing the front to tip downward. This nose dive is an indication that you need a tune-up in Port Charlotte, FL.

Long Stop

A failing shock absorber can also affect the length of time it takes to stop your car. When applying the brakes, you may notice that it takes longer to come to a complete stop. You’ll probably suspect that you need brake repair, but this issue could be caused by failing shocks.

Patchy Tread

If your vehicle is running smoothly, your tires should wear fairly evenly. However, if your shock absorber is unable to keep the tire in place, the tire will bounce around as you drive. This results in uneven tire wear. If you notice worn patches in your tread, you may need to schedule a tune-up in Port Charlotte, FL to replace your shock absorber.

Leak Loss

Your shock absorber needs fluid to operate properly. If the seals that are designed to keep this fluid contained fail, the fluid will leak. This loss will cause the shock to fail. Watch for fluid leaks, and contact your local automotive experts right away if you detect any fluid loss.

Cracking Up

The shock absorber is attached to your vehicle with bolts. These bolts have rubber bushings. At times, these bushings can crack or break. If you hear a tapping sound when you drive over a bumpy surface, this is an indication that your bushings are cracked and you need a tune-up in Port Charlotte, FL.

Time for a Tune-Up

Is it time for a tune-up in Port Charlotte, FL? Whether you are in need of service on your domestic car, foreign car, light truck, RV or commercial truck, we’re here to serve you! Ice Cold Auto Repair is a full-service auto center and AC specialist serving Charlotte County with integrity and automotive excellence. Contact our team today with any questions or to schedule your next tune-up.

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