Why Proper Alignment Is Important for Your Tires

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Cars, trucks, SUVs, vans and other motor vehicles have a lot going on under the hood and throughout their various systems. If you don’t change the oil, your car’s engine cannot function at 100 percent. Forget to put gas in an empty fuel tank and you won’t be going anywhere. Similarly, it’s right to assume that neglecting your vehicle’s wacky alignment may cause problems down the road.

For your car to maneuver properly, all four wheels need to be in a straight line when the steering wheel is set to a straight-on position. When the wheels and steering wheel all line up, your vehicle is in alignment, but it’s pretty easy to knock a wheel out of whack. Putting off regular alignments in Port Charlotte, FL or not getting your car checked after hitting a hard bump can have a negative effect on its performance and lifespan.

What is alignment?

You’ve probably heard this referred to as “wheel alignment,” even though it has little to do with the wheels and instead puts more focus on your car’s suspension system. The wheels are mounted to the suspension system, which is how they are able to move up and down and absorb impacts from the road. Suspension systems see a lot of action, meaning there are many ways their components can shift or bend. Tweaked components will cause one or more wheels to fall out of alignment while the rest attempt to travel straight on—not a good combination!

What causes improper alignment?

The most common cause of bad alignment is a heavy impact or sudden jarring, such as hitting a pothole, ramming into a curb or being involved in a minor collision. When this happens, system components may shift out of place or bend. Another cause is normal wear and tear. Parts like shocks and suspension springs start to age and wear out to the point where they can no longer hold connecting components together properly.

Regular maintenance can help identify the worn parts responsible for poor alignment. And did you know that changing the height of vehicles can throw off alignments in Port Charlotte, FL? For instance, lifting your vehicle will require you to also modify your suspension. You increase your chances of bad alignment if you don’t.

What are the results of poor alignment?

A car with its wheels out of alignment will run into many problems. The first thing you may notice is difficulty handling your vehicle, because your wheels have to be lined up perfectly straight in order to turn smoothly to the left or right. The car is likely to struggle to drive in a straight line, always seeming to pull in one direction. The lifespan of your tires will also be affected. Misaligned wheels will cause your tires to wear unevenly, which means having to dig deep into your wallet to replace them more frequently. Additionally, bad alignment is often responsible for tire blowouts, flat spots and bulges.

Don’t gamble on the condition of your vehicle’s suspension system. Call Ice Cold Auto Repair today for more information about alignments in Port Charlotte, FL or to schedule a service appointment!

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