Signs Your Car Needs Auto AC Repair in Port Charlotte, FL

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Florida summers are no joke. If you don’t have air conditioning, you’re probably going to be miserable. So how can you avoid the day when the AC in your car goes out completely? Be on the lookout for signs that your car needs auto AC repair in Port Charlotte, FL.

If you notice any of these red flags, take your car in for repairs as soon as possible. Your local experts in auto AC repair in Port Charlotte, FL can provide the service you need to make sure you stay cool this season.

It’s Weak

You probably know what you can expect from your car’s air conditioning system. If it feels like it’s not performing like it used to, you probably need auto AC repair in Port Charlotte, FL. Slight changes can be difficult to detect on extremely warm days, so keep a close eye on the air conditioner’s performance. You may notice that the air doesn’t feel as cool as it used to, or the airflow coming from the vents might not be as powerful as usual.

If these issues are present, your AC system may have mold in the evaporator, a loose hose or a damaged fan. In any case, your local AC experts can make the necessary repairs to restore the AC to full function.

It’s Loud

Running the air conditioner at full blast will always generate some noise, but it should be fairly quiet. If your air conditioner is making unusual or very loud noises, you need auto AC repair in Port Charlotte, FL. If you hear grinding or squealing noises, the compressor may have a worn bearing. A rattling sound can indicate the compressor clutch is worn out. If the compressor can no longer work, the AC system can’t receive the right refrigerant flow to keep your car cool.

Don’t ignore the sounds of your AC failing. If you hear unusual noises, take your car in for an AC tune-up so you won’t be stuck in the heat without AC.

It’s Smelly

Does your car smell like a locker room when you run the air conditioner? If your system is pumping foul or stale air into your car’s interior, you need auto AC repair in Port Charlotte, FL. The repair might be as simple as replacing the cabin filter, or you may have mold in your air conditioning system. A quick trip to your local auto repair shop can fix either issue and eliminate the bad odor.

It’s Wet

Have you discovered pooled water under the dash or beneath your front floor mats? Your air conditioning system is supposed to drain through the bottom of the car. However, if there is an issue, the drain can become clogged, and the water will back up into the vehicle. If you notice water or water stains, your air conditioner needs attention.

Keep Cool

There’s no reason to sweat through the summer. Keep your AC in top shape with professional auto AC repair in Port Charlotte, FL. Contact the experts at Ice Cold Auto Repair today. Our ASE Master-Certified Technicians are ready to assist you!

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