Seven Signs You Need Brake Repair in Port Charlotte, FL

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Brakes serve one of the most important functions in your vehicle. Unfortunately, the warning signs that brake repair is needed are often ignored because most people do not know what to look or listen for if an issue has arisen. Instead of driving around hoping everything is in good working condition, take some time to learn about the indications that your brakes need professional care.

Illuminated Brake Indicator

Manufacturers put those indicator lights on your dashboard for a reason: to alert you when a component of your vehicle needs attention. This light does not always mean your brakes need major repair, though—they could just be in need of inspection. Either way, don’t ignore that little light on your dashboard. Take your vehicle in for brake service in Port Charlotte, FL soon.

Noisy Brakes

If you hear a grinding, squealing or squeaking sound when you use your brakes, or just while you’re driving along, this could indicate a wide range of issues. For example, a metallic squealing sound when you’re in motion that stops when you apply the brakes is most likely your brake pad wear indicator. That means new brake pads are necessary.

A grinding noise and/or feeling when you apply the brakes can also indicate issues with the pads. Experts recommend that brake pads be checked every time your car is serviced. Any noises you hear when driving should be examined by an auto technician.

Vibrations in the Steering Wheel

During your car’s lifespan, your wheels rotate millions of times, causing normal wear and tear on your brake rotors. An uneven brake rotor can cause you to feel vibrations, wobbling or scraping in the steering column. Uneven or rough rotors make it harder for brake pads to properly apply pressure and slow your vehicle. This causes the shaky feeling you experience and is an important indication that you need brake repair.

Burning Smell

This is a very serious sign that your brakes, or possibly your clutch, have overheated. If you smell a chemical odor after braking, immediately get off the road. Check your parking brake to make sure it isn’t engaged. Give your car time to cool off. Not giving your car time to cool down could result in boiling brake fluid, which will cause the system to stop working entirely.

Pulling to One Side

As you brake, if the car pulls to one side, this is a sign that a hose or possibly a caliper is not functioning correctly. These parts function to ensure even braking.

Different Brake Pedal Resistance

When driving along, you might notice that the brake feels soft or spongy, or possibly you can push the pedal all the way to the floor. This is a sign that immediate brake repair is needed because there is either a fluid leak or air and/or moisture have gotten into the system.

Bouncing or Rocking When You Stop Short

This is a tricky one because even though the problem occurs when you brake, the bouncy feeling you experience can most likely be attributed to your shock absorbers.

Don’t let a problem with your brakes affect your day-to-day life. Instead, come to Ice Cold Auto Repair. Our team can diagnose the issue as well as offer the best in brake repair in Port Charlotte, FL. Get in touch with us now to schedule an appointment to look at your brakes.

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