How Long Do Brakes Typically Last?

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Properly functioning auto brakes help ensure you and your family are able to travel safely on the road. Investing in regular brake service in Port Charlotte, FL is crucial to maintaining confidence that you can drive wherever you need to go without causing an accident, yet few people know how long brakes last and when brake service is required.

Brake Service Warning Signs

No one is more familiar with how your car handles than you. As you drive around going about your life, you might notice a number of changes in your automobile’s behavior if your brakes are in need of service. These include:

  • Longer stopping distance
  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Being able to push the brake pedal all the way to the floor
  • Noise when you brake
  • Vibrations in the brake pedal or steering column
  • The vehicle pulls to one side as you come to a stop

Ignoring these indicators will only exacerbate the issue, increasing the amount of money you have to spend to fix your brakes. Investing in quality brake service means you’ll be able to drive safely and confidently.

Worn-Down Brake Pads

As you push on the brake pedal, your brake pads push against the rotors (also known as brake discs), causing the friction necessary to stop your car. As the pads and rotors rub together, they naturally wear down over time, creating the black residue you see on your tires.

The first indication you need brake service on your pads is a screeching noise. This noise is caused by an exposed metal strip in the pad. You should be able to hear this noise when the windows are rolled up, but a loud radio or conversation in the vehicle can drown out this sound.

If the sound you are hearing is more of a grinding noise, that means your brake pads have completely worn down and need immediate service. Failure to have this issue addressed quickly could cause additional damage to your brake system, increasing the cost and time needed to complete brake repair in Port Charlotte, FL.

Check Your Brakes First

Before rushing in for service, take a few minutes to examine your brakes yourself. Crouch down and look through the spokes of your wheels with a flashlight. Hopefully, you should be able to see the brake pads and where they touch the brake discs. The pads should have at least a quarter of an inch of material on them. Any less and your vehicle requires brake service.

If you are unable to see your brakes through the spokes of your car, you can jack the vehicle up and remove front and rear tires (one of each only). This will allow you to get an up-close look at your brakes. Again, use a flashlight to thoroughly examine your brake pads.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to say for certain how long your brakes will last. Experts say that brakes should function correctly for anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 miles.

Worried about the condition of your car’s brakes? Don’t stress! Instead, visit Ice Cold Auto Repair today, or call ahead to schedule brake service in Port Charlotte, FL for your vehicle.

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