Signs Your AC Needs to Be Recharged

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A car’s air conditioning is one of several essential features that a driver may not really consider until its broken. Of course, once an automobile’s AC falls down on the job, it’s almost entirely impossible to think about anything else… at least while you’re behind the wheel!

Your vehicle’s AC could break down for any of several reasons, none of which will leave you any more comfortable when you’re driving on a sunny, sweltering day. Read on to see the list of reasons that your car may require some auto AC repair in Port Charlotte, FL.

A Basic Guide to How Your AC Works

Most modern air conditioning systems consist of two halves: the high side and the low side. Using a conventional compressor, your AC system pushes refrigerant back and forth between the low side and the high side. Coolant begins its journey in the low side of the AC system as a gas. As it’s forced into the high side, the refrigerant is converted into a liquid.

As the compressor forces refrigerant back and forth between the high side and the low side, cold air is produced.

Breakdown Is Inevitable

No matter how well tended your vehicle’s AC may be, it will inevitably need some work. Your car’s air conditioning works best when it’s completely sealed from the outside world. Unfortunately, the outside world is chock full of dust and debris that simply can’t wait to infiltrate the closed system of your air conditioning.

In short, eventually, you’re going to need to visit a mechanic in Port Charlotte, FL for help. Here are some of the primary reasons why.

Drop in Performance

The most significant telltale sign that you need some maintenance on your AC system is the most obvious: when you turn the knob for cold air, the AC system will only spit out stale, warm air.

Greasy Film

If you notice that your AC components or fittings have developed a strange film, or you spot a leak under the vehicle, you could be leaking refrigerant.

The AC Clutch Fails

The next time you turn your air conditioning all the way up, keep an ear out for a clicking noise. That click is the sound of your AC clutch kicking in. The AC clutch is the mechanism that signals your air conditioning to stop getting colder once a certain pressure has been reached.

If your vehicle’s AC pressure is too low, your AC will never hit the level required for your AC clutch to activate, and you won’t hear the little click that signifies everything is ship-shape.

Trust the Best—Trust Ice Cold Auto Repair

There’s no more reliable team to trust with your auto AC repair in Port Charlotte, FL than the pros at Ice Cold Auto Repair. Our expertise doesn’t stop there, either!

The entire team of ASE master certified technicians on our payroll use state-of-the-art technology to assess and repair any and all issues with your vehicle. For small cars or trucks, domestic or foreign, RVs and commercial vehicles, too, we do it all with a smile on our face.

Throughout the Charlotte County area, Ice Cold Auto Repair has worked hard to establish a reputation for integrity and excellent service, whether we’re fixing a Peterbilt or a Chevy. Visit our website or give us a call to schedule an appointment today. You won’t regret it.

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