What Does a Car’s Air Compressor Do?

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It’s a sun-scorched summer day, and you’re moving slowly through traffic as the sun beats down mercilessly. You reach forward and twist the knob on your trusty air conditioner, and an icy breeze gushes forward, instantly cooling you and providing a much-needed reprieve from the harsh summer heat.

Anyone who’s taken the time to appreciate auto air conditioning in Port Charlotte, FL—which is pretty much every local—can thank their vehicle’s air compressor for that glorious bit of technological magic. The car’s AC is as refreshing when it works as it is harrowing when it doesn’t.

How an Air Compressor Works

When you flick the knob on your AC system, it triggers the compressor to click on. The compressor raises the temperature of your car’s refrigerant and forces it through your car’s condenser. The heat is sapped from the refrigerant in the condenser before traveling to the dryer, where it’s purified. From the dryer, the refrigerant is pushed through the expansion valve and finally through the evaporator and out your car’s dashboard vents as cold air.

The whole process is only possible because of that first step: the heating and expulsion of your car’s refrigerant, courtesy of the car’s compressor.

How Long Does an Air Compressor Last?

When you’re talking about auto air conditioning in Port Charlotte, FL, the lifespan of an air compressor depends a lot on where the vehicle is located.

Most compressors get a break during the colder months of the year. However, that same break time isn’t always guaranteed when you’re a Florida resident, so compressors tend to get a bit more of a workout.

When Should My Compressor Undergo Maintenance?

Unlike a lot of components in your vehicle, determining the problems with your vehicle’s air compressor is relatively simple. If you turn on the AC and you find that your air conditioning is forcing out stale, warm air—or, worse yet, nothing at all—then it’s entirely possible that there is an issue with your compressor.

Because the compressor’s place in your engine is obscure and the wiring that keeps it in place is typically very complicated, it’s always a good idea to have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible by a professional.

Your All-Around Auto Expert

When you’re in dire need of an auto repair shop in Port Charlotte, FL to repair your vehicle’s air conditioning, there’s only one team you can trust: Ice Cold Auto Repair.

Our carefully chosen team of ASE-certified technicians have years of experience that they’re just waiting to put to work for you. Our highly-skilled team can’t be beaten when it comes to AC repair, but we’re also the team you can count on for the whole gamut of issues that may arise with your vehicle.

Whether you need maintenance on a car, light truck, RV or commercial vehicle, the odds are good that one of our friendly and dedicated team members can find the solution quickly and efficiently. Get in touch with Ice Cold Auto Repair today to schedule an appointment!

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