What Are the Differences in Vehicle Brakes?

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Your car’s braking system is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Reliable brakes affect the performance, maneuverability and safety of your vehicle significantly, so it’s important to make sure that your brakes stay in the best condition possible for as long as they can. Understanding more about your vehicle’s brake pads and rotors in Port Charlotte, FL is a great way to ensure that you’re caring for your brakes properly and dealing with issues before they affect your car’s safety or performance.

Maintaining your braking system properly starts with understanding the basic components that make it up. Your brake fluids, brake pads and brake rotors in Port Charlotte, FL are all very important to the function of your vehicle. Here is some advice for maintaining the three essential components of your braking system:

  • Brake pads: Your brake pads are designed to stop the movement of your car’s wheels by applying pressure to the brake rotors. Brake pads are typically made of a composite of different metals like graphite, iron, copper and steel. Brake shims help keep vibrations and noise to a minimum by creating a buffer between the brake pads and the calipers. Shims are usually made from metal or rubber, but higher-end shims are made from titanium to offer better heat resistance. Over time, brake pads naturally wear down due to stress and friction resulting from ongoing use. The most obvious sign that it’s time to replace your brake pads is a grinding or squealing noise when you brake.
  • Brake rotors: Brake rotors are made from iron and stop the wheel from spinning when pressure is applied from the brake pads. Most brake rotors are designed to withstand a significant amount of pressure and heavy use, and are made to optimize heat dispersal. Some brake rotors are made of ceramic materials for high-performance applications. Regardless of what your brake rotors are made from, they will need to be replaced eventually. Usually, it’s recommended that you replace rotors every 70,000 miles. Grinding and squealing sounds might indicate that it’s time to replace your brake rotors.
  • Brake fluids: Brake fluids keep all of the various components in your braking system working effectively. These fluids lubricate braking components and help slow the wheels when the brake is applied. Brake fluid deteriorates over time and has to be replaced every two years or so. When it’s time to replace your brake fluid, simply bring your vehicle in for a routine service appointment to get all of your fluids topped off and have your braking system inspected.

Get help with brake pads and rotors in Port Charlotte, FL

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