How Do I Know Whether It’s Time to Repair or Replace My Brake Rotors?

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The rotors are a critical part of your vehicle’s braking system. They wear in more than one way, which makes detecting damage difficult at times. Your brakes are one of the most crucial systems in your vehicle, and as such, it’s a good idea to replace the rotors whenever you replace your brake pads. Replacing rotors and pads on a schedule, or as needed, is the best thing you can do to ensure peak brake performance—and replacing them is much quicker than waiting to have them resurfaced.

So, is it time for rotor repair or rotor replacement in Port Charlotte, FL? Your trusted mechanic can give you the answer. There are several problems that can affect the performance of your vehicle’s rotors, all of which a trained eye can find. Here’s what you need to be aware of:

  • Dished rotors: When brake rotors wear unevenly, either one rotor will have more material than the other or they will have worn down in such a way that they’ve become shaped like a dish. This problem can be identified visually, but can also be detected by touch. Your mechanic might be able to feel a lip on the outer edge of your rotor.
  • Deep grooves in rotors: Dished rotors are a problem, and so are rotors that develop deep grooves. If there are deep grooves in your rotors, they can’t provide the brake pads a smooth, flat contact area when in operation. This will definitely reduce your braking performance.
  • Rust: Brakes that make a squealing or grinding sound for a short time after the vehicle gets moving, then stop after the car warms up, likely have rotor issues. As the owner of the vehicle, this may bring you some relief, but mechanics know better. This problem is caused by surface rust. While surface rust is not a safety concern, deep rust can weaken brake rotors.
  • Blue spots: Because rotors get hot, they need to be able to dissipate heat properly. If they can’t do this, the rotors may start to show bluing or hot spots. This can crack the rotor, and can even be felt by drivers as pulsation while braking.
  • Warped rotors: Warping is another rotor problem that you can detect through brake pedal pulsation. Understandably, rotors warp with age, meaning brake pads will no longer make constant contact with the rotors while they are in motion. This can reduce braking ability.
  • Other signs: There are also some other obvious problems to keep in mind. Don’t ignore cracks in the surface of rotors or chunks missing from rotors. All of these visible issues can spell trouble down the way, as they are signs of unsafe rotors. If you have cracked rotors, it’s time to replace them.

For your safety and vehicle health, it’s important to have your brakes checked annually. This inspection checks for wear, damage and other problems, and lets you know if it’s time for rotor replacement in Port Charlotte, FL. Ice Cold Auto Repair can meet all your vehicle service needs. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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