Why Should I Use an ASE-Certified Mechanic?

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When you go into a car repair shop, the first and most important thing you should look for is whether the mechanics are ASE certified. ASE is the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, and this certification an easy way to guarantee that your repair professionals are up to date on the latest technologies and repair techniques.

Ice Cold Auto Repair prides itself on offering ASE-certified mechanic services in Port Charlotte, FL. Read on to find out just why that’s the most important thing a shop can offer.

What is ASE certification and how are mechanics certified?

ASE certification is a way for a mechanic to show they’re particularly skilled and interested in learning more about vehicle repair and maintenance. Mechanics aren’t required to have ASE certification, and most shops don’t make that a hiring condition. When you work with an ASE-certified repair tech, you know that they went the extra mile in staying on top of their education, much like getting a master’s degree instead of stopping at a bachelor’s.

Similarly, ASE certification requires extra studying and experience in order to earn the honor. Mechanics who want to be certified need to have either two years of on-the-job training or a degree in auto repair, plus a year of training. They also need to study for and pass a test that covers all aspects of vehicle systems and how to fix them.

The test is hard—it covers everything from transaxles to transmissions, and about a third of the test-takers fail the first time they take it. On top of that, the mechanic needs to retake the test every five years to ensure that they are staying educated on the latest vehicle technologies, repair techniques and advancements.

Why should I look for ASE-certified mechanics?

When your mechanic has taken the time and expended the effort to be ASE certified, you can trust that they have at least two years of experience as well as a broad knowledge of all types of vehicles and every system or component within. The more expensive or rare your car is, the more important this certification is for your vehicle. You don’t want to trust a novice with your mint-condition 1957 Ferrari or your brand-new Tesla—there’s too much at stake if something goes wrong.

In short, ASE certification is the best way for consumers to know that they’re getting help from a repair expert.

Work with an ASE-certified mechanic in Port Charlotte, FL

At Ice Cold Auto Repair, we offer a full range of auto repair and maintenance services from ASE-certified mechanics in Port Charlotte, FL. Make sure to come to us for oil, lube and filter services, as well as tune-ups, alignments and heavy-duty repairs like suspension work or auto AC service. Our goal is to go above and beyond with everything we offer, ensuring the job is done well the first time and on time. Call or stop by today to schedule your next repair or maintenance appointment—we look forward to assisting you soon!

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