Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Car Owners

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The cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions of winter are on their way out. Enter the warmer, more pleasant days of spring! You might be ready for spring, but you mustn’t forget to make sure your car is ready, too. From motor oil changes to tire checks to changing essential vehicle fluids, the start of spring is the perfect time to schedule routine auto services.

Below is a vehicle checklist of critical maintenance services in Port Charlotte, FL to schedule this spring:

  • Schedule an oil change: Oil changes are extremely important for the longevity and performance of your vehicle. Clean motor oil lubricates and cools the engine, while at the same time picking up impurities that could harm the engine. Oil becomes less effective as it ages—it can even basically evaporate over time—which is why regular oil and filter changes are necessary.
  • Check tire pressure: Checking the air pressure in each tire should be on your spring vehicle maintenance checklist, but make sure to do this throughout the year, as well. This check is especially important because a tire’s pressure will change between cold and warm seasons—the air in tires tends to be lower in winter and higher in spring. The best time to check your tire pressure is in the morning before driving off. Your tire pressure should match the recommended pressure in your car’s owner’s manual. Make the appropriate adjustments as needed.
  • Check tire tread: While checking the tire pressure, take the time to check tire tread depth, too. Tires need sufficient tread in order to grip the road. A lack of tread could compromise your ability to handle your car in wet weather and make quick stops. If your tires don’t pass the penny test or are balding, it’s time to get a new set.
  • Have the battery tested: Your car’s battery powers all the onboard electrical systems. Come spring, you need to have the battery power tested for efficiency. Why? Because car batteries have to work harder when outside temperatures are low. A drained battery or a battery covered in corrosion needs to be replaced.
  • Replace wiper blades and add wiper fluid: This spring, make sure to replace those old, beat-up, heavily-used windshield wipers. All worn wipers do is smear water and debris across the windshield. This obstructs your view of the road in front of you. Another step to remember is refilling the wiper fluid to ensure you don’t run out halfway through spring.
  • Test and clean lights: Check the interior and exterior lights on your vehicle. Replace dead or weak lightbulbs, then deep clean your light covers—including headlights, tail lights, brake lights and any aftermarket lighting. Clean and properly functioning car headlights will keep you from squinting while driving in the dark.

When you take your vehicle to Ice Cold Auto Repair for critical maintenance services in Port Charlotte, FL, rest assured you’ll leave with a happy car. Call us today to schedule spring vehicle maintenance—we look forward to seeing you soon!

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