What Causes Brake Fade?

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If you ask the average motorist what the most important part of their car is, you would almost invariably get the same response: the brakes. Sure, zooming along the open road is a release like no other, but it’s only fun because you have the security of knowing that when you press on the brake, the vehicle will slow down and eventually stop. Brakes are undoubtedly essential to a good time behind the wheel, which is why drivers should stay focused on the quality of their brakes every time they climb into their car.

You likely know the trouble signs of your brakes slowly failing. When you press on the brake, a whining or grinding noise means you need to schedule auto repair in Port Charlotte, FL as soon as possible. But what do you know about brake fade? This dangerous predicament can see your brakes fail even if they’re new.

What is brake fade?

If you’re unfamiliar with brake fade, it is a treacherous condition in which your brakes feel like they’re working, but the car refuses to stop. If you’re headed down a steep hill and your brake pedal either goes in too far or is hard to press, you could be at risk for brake fade. If you find yourself in this dire circumstance, be sure to pull off the road and allow your brakes at least a full hour to cool down.

There are a few common causes of brake fade that require auto repair in Port Charlotte, FL.

Friction fade

The most common cause of brake fade is riding your brakes. Brakes are designed to be pressed and released in short order. If you’re headed down a steep hill and press lightly on the brakes to slow yourself (but not enough to stop completely), there is constant contact between your brake pads and your wheels. This causes an enormous amount of heat to build up in a short amount of time.

Brake fluid fade

Here’s a fantastic reason to swap out your brake fluid regularly. Brake fluid that remains in your car for too long eventually takes on debris and water. This water is especially harmful because it boils at lower temperatures than brake fluid. When the water in your brake fluid begins to boil, it turns into steam. This steam contracts your brakes, making them feel spongy and unable to stop the vehicle.

Get the help you need

There’s one surefire way to avoid brake fade: make sure you’re engaging in routine auto repair in Port Charlotte, FL. At Ice Cold Auto Repair, we have more than two decades of experience providing a comprehensive assortment of car care services. We do it all—alignments, HVAC repair, brake service, oil changes, engine rebuilds and so much more.

We’re proud to have been voted the Best of Charlotte County 10 years running! Come find out what makes Ice Cold Auto Repair the very best mechanic in the area. Call today to schedule an appointment. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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