When Should I Service My Brakes?

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Many customers ask this question when they seek brake services in Port Charlotte, FL. Unfortunately, brake service is not like oil changes, where there is a set mileage at which service is recommended. Brakes are a system with many parts, including rotors, fluids and pads. Each piece has a different schedule and circumstance for repair and replacement. Here is an overview of brake service and when to order maintenance.

Brake service schedule

As indicated, brake service is about addressing the different pieces. If you wish to measure these services by mileage, it generally works out to the following:

  • Pad and shoe replacement: Every 20,000 to 60,000 miles
  • Brake rotor machine polishing or replacement: Done with pad and shoe replacement
  • Brake caliper or caliper pin replacement: When necessary
  • Brake fluid flush: Every two years or 30,000 miles, depending on your vehicle’s manual

The mileage is a suggestion and keeps you aware. However, since brake maintenance is performance-based, it is more effective to pay attention to signs. If your brakes need service, you will notice any of the following:

  • Squeaking, grinding, screeching or other new sounds as you apply or release brakes
  • Slow stopping, especially if you need to press the brake further down
  • Brake warning lights
  • Noticeable brake fluid leaks

Needless to say, if you notice any of these signs, it’s time to visit your mechanic for a brake assessment and service in Port Charlotte, FL. If you catch brake problems early, you will pay less to repair them and avoid catastrophic developments.

Elements causing faster brake wear

Again, brake service is performance-based. Your daily commuting car will require more frequent brake service than a car that’s only driven once a week.

This statement is especially true if there are extenuating circumstances in the way you drive or the nature of your commute. There are some conditions and some drivers who are harder on cars than others. The factors that increase brake wear include:

  • Frequent driving in hilly areas with sharp turns
  • Drivers who ride their brakes
  • The stop-and-go nature of urban driving
  • Frequent driving in heavy traffic
  • Using cheaper brake pads that wear out quickly

If you recognize your conditions and driving style in the above list, expect your car to need brake service about every 20,000 miles. You may also want to talk with your mechanic about using high-quality brake pads and other components to ensure your brakes remain reliable through your challenging driving conditions.

Likewise, if your commute or work errands involve primarily long highway miles with few stops, you will not be as rough on your brakes. In cases involving less frequent driving, you can likely expect brake service nearer to the 60,000-mile mark.

If you require brake service in Port Charlotte, FL, look no further than Ice Cold Auto Repair. Our skilled and reliable mechanics can diagnose your brake problems and help you get on your way safely. Don’t delay if you suspect your vehicle is experiencing brake issues—reach out to us today to schedule an appointment!

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