Top Five Signs of Transmission Problems

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When it comes to keeping a vehicle roadworthy, knowing about the signs of potential problems can help you spot problems early. Transmission problems, in particular, have the potential to be costly if they aren’t fixed right away. If minor transmission issues are left alone, they can turn into something major and bring your vehicle to a screeching halt. If you notice any of these five signs as you drive your vehicle, head to the professionals in auto repair in Port Charlotte, FL to diagnose the problem and get it fixed.

Your vehicle refuses to switch gears

It’s frustrating when your vehicle won’t shift smoothly or if it won’t shift at all. You’ll be able to notice if the shifting feels off. You’ll feel it and you’ll hear it—it usually sounds like a heavy “thud.” Difficulty switching gears is commonly caused by low transmission fluid. You also might be using the wrong kind of fluid entirely. Head to your local experts in auto repair in Port Charlotte, FL to take care of the issue.

You notice noises when the vehicle is in neutral

When your vehicle’s in neutral, you shouldn’t hear any unusual sounds. If you hear humming, buzzing or whining noises as you’re in neutral, it could be a sign that you need new transmission oil, but it could also indicate that some parts need to be replaced. Take your vehicle to a certified technician for a full inspection.

You notice a fluid leak

If you’re backing out of a parking spot and notice a puddle, or see spots on your driveway or garage floor, the cause could be a transmission fluid leak. Put down cardboard under the front and middle portions of your vehicle to see if there are active leaks. Transmission fluids are bright red, dark red or brown. If you spot it on the ground, there’s a leak. Take your vehicle to the shop to repair the leak and let a trained specialist refill the fluid to exact factory specifications.

Your transmission slips

When your transmission slips, you’ll know right away. Your vehicle will seem like it’s struggling to maintain power with a lack of acceleration. When this happens, it’s usually accompanied by high-pitched engine noise. If you can’t feel your transmission slipping, you’ll definitely hear it.

Your transmission warning light comes on

This is the big one—when you start your car and see your transmission warning light come on, you know there’s a major problem. Take your car to a certified technician immediately. They’ll be able to read the vehicle computer error code and know how to fix the problem.

Transmission problems are annoying, but they can be fixed with the help of a professional. The moment your vehicle exhibits any of the issues on the list above, take it to the experts in auto repair in Port Charlotte, FL. If a transmission problem has left you feeling stranded, contact Ice Cold Auto Repair to get you back on the road in a hurry.

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