Common Reasons Your Car’s Air Conditioner Isn’t Working

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A broken car air conditioner is one of the worst things to experience during the height of summer. Air conditioner repairs get more expensive the longer you put them off, so it’s best to visit an auto repair shop in Port Charlotte, FL as soon as you notice anything is wrong. There are several symptoms that could signal a problem with your air conditioner, including strange sounds and smells coming from the system.

Common causes for air conditioner issues include fluid leaks, a failed compressor, electrical problems and more. Read on to learn more about these issues and what they could mean for your car.

Refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant leaks are one of the most common causes of air conditioner problems. These leaks most commonly occur in the air conditioner unit hose connections, but are often found in other places as well. You can usually identify a refrigerant leak by checking for any wet spots underneath your car. Some air conditioner systems also emit a hissing sound when refrigerant levels are low.

There are several different issues that could cause refrigerant to leak, including broken air conditioner system components and old age. An automotive air conditioning system specialist will inspect your system to find the actual culprit and base repairs on that diagnosis.

Air conditioner compressor issues

Your vehicle’s compressor allows cool air to properly circulate. When the compressor’s not working, you may not feel any cold air coming from your air conditioner. Multiple problems could cause issues with your compressor, including a bad compressor belt, faulty wiring, a broken pressure switch and more. If your compressor is experiencing any of these issues, your mechanic might recommend a full replacement.

Problems with the electrical system

Electrical system problems are often complicated and hard to diagnose. If there is a problem with your vehicle’s electrical system, your air conditioner may stop working completely. After noticing any electrical issues, it’s best to bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop in Port Charlotte, FL as soon as possible. Issues with wiring and faulty components are often the source of electrical issues, but this varies from one vehicle to another.

Condenser problems

The condenser is where refrigerant transforms from a gas back into a liquid. It’s an important component in your vehicle’s air conditioning system that, when not working, may result in overheating, refrigerant leaks, burning smells and much more. A condenser may become blocked by debris, making it unable to properly condense the refrigerant. Condenser blocks are usually easy to take care of, as the debris would just need removing. Broken condensers, on the other hand, often require a full replacement.

If you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioner, don’t hesitate to visit an auto repair shop in Port Charlotte, FL for assistance. Doing so could help prevent a larger and more expensive problem from occurring down the line.

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