Bad Habits Your Mechanic Wants You to Stop

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It’s easy to take your car’s function for granted. It almost always works well and effectively gets you where you need to go, so you just assume it’s going to run well in perpetuity. But not taking proper care of your car can put it in jeopardy.

If you ever hear squeaking noises coming from your engine, you might ask yourself, “Why is my car making odd sounds?” There could be many answers to that question, and a mechanic would be able to help. But to make the mechanic’s job easier—and your car run better—you should ditch the following bad habits.

Ignoring warning lights that come on

Your car has a system that warns you with a dashboard light when there’s a potential mechanical problem. You shouldn’t hand-wave away a check engine light as being an emissions non-issue. To avoid serious damage, you should take your car in whenever a warning light comes on. Some auto shops will even diagnose the problem for free.

Repeatedly slamming on the brakes

While hitting the brakes hard for safety reasons is unavoidable, you shouldn’t be routinely slamming on the brakes. Doing so can wear them down faster and is bad for your car’s overall longevity. Get into the habit of slowing down before a stop sign or red light so you can brake gently.

Ignoring strange sounds coming from your car

If your car is in top shape, it shouldn’t be making peculiar sounds like squeaking, squealing, crackling, clicking or popping. So, you might wonder, “Why is my car making weird sounds?” It could be several different things. For example, squeaking noises coming from the vicinity of your engine could be the alternator, the drive belt, the pulley bearings or the belt tensioners.

Revving the engine

You might have seen people do this in movies, but that doesn’t mean you should do it yourself. Revving the engine is terrible for your car, especially if you do it in cold weather or before the car has had a chance to fully warm up. You can either let your car sit idly and warm up, or just drive it slowly and easily after you start it to let it warm up on its own.

Ignoring mysterious smells

You might be sensing a pattern here. Often, your car will tell you either through lights, sounds or smells that something is amiss. You should pay attention to those sensory cues, as they could save you from exorbitant repair costs or roadside breakdowns. As far as smells go, this is probably the most serious issue because it can indicate dangerously low fluid levels. It could also indicate the potential for engine or brake problems if you smell burning oil or rubber.

Call for auto service today

If your senses are telling you there’s a problem with your automobile, or if you just want some routine preventative maintenance performed, give us a call at Ice Cold Auto Repair. We’re the industry experts when it comes to air conditioning, oil, lube and brake services, and we’re committed to ensuring your car can get you where you need to go.

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