Why People Put Off Routine Maintenance, and Why They Shouldn’t

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“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” That’s a saying that gets used a lot in the military and competitive sports, but it could also apply to your automobile. In the same way you’d prepare a plane or boat for a long trip, you should also prepare your car.

The way to do that is through routine preventative maintenance. If you’re on a budget, you might be looking for an auto shop coupon or searching the internet for the “cheapest shop near me.” While cheaper doesn’t always mean better, it’s possible to find a good mechanic on the cheap. Here’s why people put off routine car maintenance, and why that’s a bad idea.

Why people put off routine auto maintenance

There are a few reasons people don’t have their cars serviced—and none of them are satisfactory:

  • Cost: The first one is cost. People don’t want to pay money for maintenance on their car if, in their mind, there’s nothing wrong with it. What they don’t consider is that larger problems that could have been prevented through routine maintenance end up costing more down the line.
  • Time: The second reason is time. Mechanic shops are often open during regular business hours. If you typically work during those hours, that presents a problem. People usually aren’t willing to take time off work for a problem that’s not immediately pressing. But a small amount of time spent now means less time spent repairing your car later.

Why neglecting routine maintenance is a bad idea

Having routine preventative maintenance performed on your car is good responsible car care. Here’s why you shouldn’t neglect your car’s routine maintenance:

  • It could put you and other drivers at risk: In addition to stranding you in the middle of nowhere, your car could break down in the middle of the road during peak traffic hours. While this is obviously a catastrophic scenario, if you skip routine maintenance on your car, the multiple-thousand-pound piece of heavy machinery you use to get around could suffer a mechanical failure, leaving you unable to control it at the worst possible time.
  • It’s not cost effective: As we touched on above, paying small amounts for regularly scheduled routine maintenance beats having to buy a new engine or new transmission because you didn’t have them checked regularly and one of those key components failed. This goes for other mechanisms, too, like your car’s oil or various other fluids. Have them checked now, to ensure they’re not gone when you need them.
  • It could stop you from getting around: If you work and/or have a family, having a working car is paramount. You have places you need to be, and people you need to see. Failing to get the requisite preventative maintenance on your car could result in having to take it into the shop for days or even weeks depending on the severity of the issue. And most people can’t afford to have that happen.

Call for routine preventative maintenance today

Now that you know why you should get routine maintenance performed on your car, give us a call at Ice Cold Auto Repair. Our mechanics know the importance of routine service, and we’d be happy to give your car a checkup to ensure you have a working vehicle for your family’s transportation needs.

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