When Should You Get Your Car Tuned Up?

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Drivers sometimes wonder, “Do you really need tune-ups for your car?” Tune-ups are an important part of proper vehicle maintenance. A quick and efficient tune-up will help ensure your vehicle runs at maximum efficiency. They also allow mechanics the chance to catch small problems before they become large ones. But when should you get your car tuned up?

This depends on your vehicle. For the most part, mechanics recommend having an older vehicle tuned up every 10,000 to 12,000 miles. Newer vehicles usually only need a tune-up every 25,000 to 100,000 miles. Either way, it’s important to follow your mechanic’s advice. You could be saving yourself from expensive repairs down the line.

Read on to learn more about car tune-ups and why you need to remember to schedule them on a regular basis.

What happens during a car tune-up

When asking if you need tune-ups for your car, many people also wonder what actually happens during these tune-ups. A lot happens, actually.

One of the first things your mechanic will do during a tune-up is replace the vehicle’s air filters. This is important, as a clean air filter ensures your engine gets enough air to operate properly. It’s best to change your air filter at least once a year.

Another part of most tune-ups is giving your vehicle a visual inspection. Your mechanic will take a close look at the engine’s fuel-system components and determine if anything needs replacements or repairs. The main components checked during this part of the process include the fuel filter, fuel injector and fuel pump. Mechanics will also check your vehicle’s spark plugs, oxygen sensor, coolant levels and more.

Tune-ups don’t typically include inspecting your vehicle’s brakes, suspension, oil level and other operating systems; however, it’s usually best to get these systems checked while you’re already with a mechanic. Doing so can help save you an extra trip.

Signs it’s time for a tune-up

We already answered the question of when you should get your car tuned up; however, sometimes a vehicle may need a tune-up earlier than expected. There are some signs that could signal the need for a tune-up, including decreased fuel efficiency, braking issues and problems shifting. A check engine light could also mean it’s time for a tune-up.

You do need tune-ups for your car, so don’t put them off. Listen to your car, and take care of necessary repairs as soon as possible. This will keep your vehicle running efficiently and will help prevent the need for expensive future repairs. Don’t avoid repairs, even for the smallest issues.

If you want to ensure the longevity of your car, visit a reputable local mechanic for a tune-up. Be sure to only visit auto shops with years of experience in vehicle maintenance and repairs.

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