Winter Car Care and Maintenance Tips

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Most vehicles require special maintenance during the winter months. The cold weather can cause major wear and tear to your car if not properly maintained. Important winter car maintenance can include replacing the battery, refilling engine coolant and inspecting tires. You should also keep a close eye on the brakes, wiper blades and alignment.

Don’t end up stranded on a cold day. Read on for some winter car care tips to ensure your vehicle is trustworthy and reliable this season.


Colder temperatures can slow down the chemical reactions within your battery, making it harder to start. Avoid a dead battery on a cold day by checking for signs that yours needs replacing. Common signs a battery needs replacing include flickering dashboard lights, slowly rolling windows and corrosion. On average, you should replace a battery every three years, so if yours is getting up there in age, consider a replacement.

If your battery doesn’t need replacing, consider installing a battery blanket to combat the negative effects of cold weather. You could also keep your vehicle in the garage if you have the option.


Colder weather sometimes brings about icy roads and bad weather, meaning it’s especially important your brakes work at maximum efficiency. Your brakes have to work extra hard in winter to stop your car on slick roads. There’s also the potential of salt on roads that could damage your brakes. An important aspect of winter car maintenance is checking your brakes for signs of extreme wear and tear.

If you notice anything wrong with your brakes, bring your vehicle to a reputable local auto shop right away. Let an expert mechanic inspect your brakes and change them if necessary.

Wiper blades

When discussing important winter car maintenance, you can’t forget about your windshield wipers. Without working windshield wipers, it will be near impossible to see during those winter storms. Don’t put yourself, your passengers and other drivers in danger. Change those old wiper blades as soon as possible.

Washer fluid

Another way to ensure a clear windshield this winter is by keeping enough wiper fluid in your car. During a serious winter storm, you could go through a lot of washer fluid. Be sure to keep plenty on hand in case of an emergency.

Gas tank

You never want to let your car’s gas tank get too low, especially during the winter months. Your winter car care routine should include frequently filling up. One of the main reasons for this is that condensation can form in the gas tank at an accelerated rate in winter. Over time, this condensation could end up in your fuel lines and freeze. This will make it almost impossible for fuel to reach the engine.

Visit a reputable local auto shop

If you want to give your vehicle the best care this winter, visit the experts at Ice Cold Auto Repair. Our expert technicians will work hard to provide your car with important winter maintenance and repairs. We offer all our services at fair prices.

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