How Often Should You Drive an Unused Car?

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There are many reasons why one may not use a car that often. They may live in a city where walking from place to place is normal. Maybe they own a car they only want to drive on special occasions. Either way, if you haven’t used your vehicle in a while, it’s important to know how frequently you should be driving an unused car.

Most mechanics recommend driving an unused car at least once every few weeks. There are many reasons for this, including that your tires can go flat and the battery could die.

Read on to learn all the reasons why you should drive your car at least once every two to three weeks.

Exterior damage

When left sitting too long, exterior damage can build up on your car. Sunlight, limbs and other debris can all cause major damage to your car if not kept in a garage. Keep these elements from damaging your car by moving it every once in a while. Taking your car for a spin every couple of weeks will also help prevent bird droppings and tree sap from wearing down the paint.

Pests may make your car their new home

Pests can always find a way into your vehicle if it’s left sitting too long. Over time, they’ll see your vehicle as a safe and warm place to settle. Don’t let rodents, insects and other pests destroy the inside of your car. Consider checking the interior every day to make sure no pests have found their way inside. Driving your car will ensure little critters don’t make their home in your engine or exhaust pipe.

Tires may lose air

One of the things to remember when asking how frequently you should drive an unused car is to check the tires. Tires support the entire weight of a car; when left sitting too long, they can start to deflate. You don’t want to be heading to work one morning only to discover one or more of your tires are flat. Take your car for routine drives, and check the tire pressure every now and again.

Bring your car in for routine checkups

Now that you know how often you should drive an unused car, take your vehicle out for a spin. You should drive your car often (at least every two to three weeks) to keep it running efficiently.

The best way of ensuring the longevity of your vehicle is by bringing it to a mechanic for regular checkups. It’s also important to take care of repairs as soon as possible, no matter how small. Smaller car problems will surely turn into big ones over time. You don’t want to get stuck with expensive repair bills, so take care of those small issues right away.

If you’re in need of vehicle maintenance and repairs, it’s time to reach out to the experts at Ice Cold Auto Repair to schedule an appointment. We can even offer advice on how frequently you should be driving an unused car!

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