How to Budget for Car Repairs

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Owning a car comes with a certain number of expenses. There are all the routine costs, like gas, insurance and oil changes, but unexpected issues that need urgent attention can arise at any time. When budgeting for your car, it’s important that you save not only for expenses you can foresee but also those that could suddenly appear and upend your budget.

But how do you start budgeting for car repairs? If you’ve never planned proactively for future automobile expenses, this may be a struggle for you. In this article, we’ll talk through all the things to consider when first learning how to save for car maintenance costs.

How to establish a car maintenance budget

For people just learning to budget their money, the task can feel incredibly overwhelming. How do you prepare for the unexpected? While you can’t prepare for every situation, you can work to cushion your savings so that large expenses are more manageable. In order to most accurately estimate your annual car maintenance budget, there are a few data-collecting and expense-reducing steps you can take:

  • Review past bills: While the past isn’t a perfect predictor of your upcoming car-related expenses, it’s a good place to start. Pull bills from all the car maintenance you had done in the past year, such as oil changes, tire replacement and repairs. Which of the bills are routine and can be predicted for the next year? Which indicate upcoming work? Add all these expenses up and divide them by 12 to see how much you should be budgeting each month.
  • Consider your car’s condition: Has your mechanic mentioned an area of your car that will soon require your attention? Is your car particularly old or showing signs of deterioration in some way? If you’ve recently had significant repairs done, you’ll likely need to budget less in the coming year, but if you have recurring issues that may indicate large repair needs in your future, up your monthly contributions to this line of your budget.
  • Consult an expert: Next time you take your car in for routine work, ask your mechanic what work they foresee you needing in the upcoming months. If there are expenses that aren’t urgently vying for your attention, you can start budgeting for these car repairs now and save yourself some stress down the road.
  • Stay up to date on maintenance: The best way to prevent serious, unexpected car repairs from popping up in your budget is to stay on top of car maintenance. These visits prevent automobile deterioration and are an opportunity for your mechanic to check on other parts of your vehicle that may need extra attention. Catching things early gives you the opportunity to choose when and at what price more significant work is done.

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