Top Causes of Brake Failure

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Braking systems are the first line of defense against life-threatening accidents in vehicles. Faulty brakes cause fatal road accidents.

The best possible solution to proper brake functioning and maintenance is understanding the causes of brake failure.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled the five significant causes of brake failure. Continue reading!

1. Unlubricated Brake Pad and Shoes

Brake pads and shoes need brake fluid for lubrication to function correctly. Some drivers ignorantly fail to lubricate the brakes. This causes the brake pads and shoes to overheat as they try to press hard against the rotary disk to stop the car. Too much overheating leads to brake failure. 

2. Careless Driving Through Flood and Mud

Brake pads and shoes wear out quickly as the vehicle struggles through water or mud. The excess water or mud might get into the braking system and distort its functioning. It would be best to be cautious when driving through water and mud or clean up after such drives.

3. Leaking of Hydraulic Brake Fluid Pressure

Leaking of hydraulic brake fluids decreases pressure and reduces your ability to stop immediately. If your brakes aren’t working modestly, tap the brakes severely to force fluid throughout the brake system.

This fix shouldn’t be used unless necessary, though it helps your car stop in an emergency. Contact Ice Cold Auto Repair to check your braking system for leaks and refill the reservoir with brake fluid. 

4. Worn Out Brake Shoes and Pads

Failure to change your brake pads and shoes distorts the functioning of the braking system. The brake pads might not press against the rotary disk wheel to stop your car immediately. This problem, unless resolved directly, worsens and damages the rotary disk. Never drive your car with a faulty rotary disk!

5. Overloading Your Vehicle

How to avoid brake failure is easy. Avoid overloads! Overloading your vehicle might potentially damage your brake system. The heavier your car is, the more the kinetic and momentum energy of the vehicle will be.

Therefore, this decreases your car’s ability to stop quickly. It causes wear and tear on the brakes and tires, too. Please load your vehicle as per the manual demands. 

Let’s Help 

Postponing your brake repair and service risks your safety. Service your brakes, and they’ll take care of you most when you need them. Trust us for the best-in-class brake repairs and maintenance, no matter the model, make or type of vehicle you’re driving.

Do you want to avoid brake failure causes? Don’t sweat it! Please schedule an appointment today with our auto repair shop.

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