Understanding Car Heating and Cooling Problems

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Every driver prefers a conducive environment within the car. Your comfort in the vehicle will often depend on how excellent temperature regulation is. In such instances, your AC comes in handy. Yet, there are times when you will face different car heating and cooling problems. Understanding the causes of vehicle heating issues will help you avoid them altogether. These causes of vehicle AC heating problems include the following.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

A faulty thermostat in the car will expose you to significant temperature changes. This thermostat will force the engine to overheat, as the coolant will hardly reach the radiator. At the same time, it will make the heater malfunction.

A malfunctioning heater core implies that you will not regulate the temperature within the car. The AC will produce cool breezes regardless of how much you raise the temperature. In this case, the car heating blowing cool air will be inevitable.

This faulty thermostat will also contribute to temperature fluctuations, resulting in false readings and poor control. Unpredictable engine temperature changes could affect your general driving experience in the long run.

Damaged AC

Various issues are associated with a damaged AC. A malfunctioning vehicle AC compromises your comfort in the car. It will hardly regulate the temperatures, forcing you to stay within a particular temperature range. You could face three issues: a leaking condenser, a damaged compressor, and a low refrigerant.

Suppose the issue is low refrigerant. In that case, you will have to top up the coolant. Depending on the vehicle model, it could be an R-134a or an R-12. A damaged condenser dumps heat outside. On the other hand, a leaking condenser makes your AC less reliable. Regardless of the reason, this heating and cooling problem must be sorted out.

Faulty Fan Motor

The fan motor distributes and blows air over the core of the heater. This move allows the air to flow through the duct system of your vehicle effortlessly. This fan motor will fail because of a burned fuse or a fried fan. Either way, you will need an expert to help repair or replace the components. The idea is to ensure enough heat is dispelled throughout the car.

 A Compromised Coolant System

The coolant system should be free of excess air. Excess air traversing this system will minimize the coolant’s efficiency, contributing to multiple heating and cooling problems. This problem requires you to remove the air trapped within the system. Eliminating this air will help avoid overheating in the long run.

In addition, it is essential to check the level of the coolant in this system. Insufficient coolant will often compromise the amount of heat reaching the heater core. This way, expect temperature fluctuations in the vehicle. Your AC will also struggle to deliver on its duties.

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