Reasons Why Your Car’s Air Conditioning May Not Be Cooling

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Your car’s air conditioning system does an excellent job keeping you cool during the hot summer days. Aside from that, your car AC is a safety system that protects you from heat when the temperatures spike to dangerous levels while on the roads. Like any other system in the car, your air conditioning system can break down at any time, and one of the main signs is car air conditioning blowing hot air. This article lists a few reasons your car’s air conditioning may not be cooling.

The Car Is Leaking Refrigerant

A refrigerant leak can occur anytime, but it’s often difficult to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. The most common areas where leaks can occur are the unit hose connections. You may notice an oily substance accumulating around these connections, which is most likely the leak source. This causes low pressure in the system, and the compressor will not be able to operate correctly, leading to hot air.

The Condenser Could Be Clogged

A car not cooling down is mainly due to blockage or a clogged condenser. The condenser acts as an evaporator and condenser to convert high-pressure, high-temperature Freon gas from the compressor into a cool high-pressure liquid. The process utilizes the airflow coming through the front when you’re driving. With time, dirt, dust, and other debris can accumulate, leading to blockage. When the condenser is blocked, it may not convert the high-pressure gas to a high-pressure cool liquid or refrigerant, causing the vehicle to blow hot or no air.

You’re Low on Refrigerant

Many people never think about their car’s refrigerant levels until their technician points it out during maintenance or after breaking down. Even the best air conditioners can lose their refrigerant over the years due to leakages and other issues. The process may be quite slow that you may not realize or notice the difference. The refrigerant is responsible for maintaining the cold temperatures in your car. If it’s too low, you may notice that your car is not cold enough despite using the same temperature settings.

The Blend Air Door Is Stuck

Whenever you want to heat your car, the warm air from the engine flows into your car. When you want to cool the vehicle and turn your air conditioning on, the blend air door swings shut to keep the warm air from the engine from entering the car and allow the cold air from the air conditioner to blow. When the blend air door is faulty or stuck, it allows hot air from the engine to enter and mix with the cold air. When this happens, the air remains hot no matter how hard your air conditioner works.

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