The Importance of an Oil Change

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You might wonder: When should I get my car oil changed? The short answer is about every 3,000 to 5,000 miles of use. How soon depends on the type of oil and how quickly it deteriorates. When motor oil loses its viscosity, it cannot do its intended job: reduce friction and heat inside the engine.

How important is an oil change? It is easy to underestimate car oil change importance. Many people seldom check the oil level and just plan on going to a quick oil change service two or three times a year. Unfortunately, that might not be good enough to ensure your engine benefits from the full protection needed from motor oil.

The following are five reasons why it is important to check your oil level at least once a week and change it before it loses viscosity and turns black.

1. Keep the engine clean while extending its service life

Engine oil helps to remove debris and tiny pieces of metal that sometimes collect at the bottom of the engine. Changing the engine oil and filter helps to remove any debris or other contaminants that might collect inside the engine. New, clean oil will help to extend the service life of the motor.

2. Protect internal engine parts

An internal combustion engine has thousands of moving parts and other pieces that create friction while the engine is running. Good, clean motor oil reduces the friction and heat inside the engine. Protecting the internal parts, like the camshaft, valve lifters, and other important parts will help you to get the best service from the motor.

3. Motor runs more efficiently

A well-lubricated engine does not waste energy trying to fight internal friction. It also stays within the intended heat range while delivering good power and performance. When you change the oil before it goes bad, your engine can reward you with its best possible performance.

4. Better fuel economy

When your engine runs at its best, it gives you the best possible fuel economy. Changing the engine oil as needed will help it give you relatively good fuel economy.

5. Reduced emissions

A well-lubricated engine does a better job of burning fuel without creating excessive emissions. Clean oil helps the motor to run relatively cleanly and expel fewer exhaust gases. As long as you keep the engine tuned and the exhaust system in good shape, your vehicle should pass any emissions testing with flying colors.

Knowing how important an oil change is helps keep you motivated to change the motor oil every 3,000 miles or so. It also helps to keep your engine running as well as possible to get the best return on your transportation investment.

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